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We Need You!

Your support is so critically important.

Did you know?  Hospitals do not receive funding from the government for capital equipment.

Yes, it’s true.  100% of new medical equipment is funded from community support. It’s important to know that donor dollars do not fund the day-to-day operational costs of our Hospital, your support of our Foundation does.

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Check out our Latest Appeal!

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This year, Lakeridge Health Bowmanville is replacing 119 IV pumps at a cost of $5,000 each. The Bowmanville Hospital Foundation is raising the funds needed to purchase the next generation of infusion devices called Smart Infusion Pumps. We are asking you to help by giving generously as you have done in the past.

       Currently, the IV pumps at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville do not meet the Ontario College of Pharmacists and accreditation Canada standards which are considered “high priority standards” already in place at many community Hospitals across Ontario. With 90% of hospitalized patients receiving their medications through Intravenous (IV) infusion pumps, you can understand the urgency.

        These new “Intelligent Infusion Devices” are not only revolutionizing the way nurses administer IV therapy to patients at precisely controlled rates in specific amounts, they will bring Lakeridge Health Bowmanville up to date with standards required for our Hospital.

        Every piece of equipment is important in enhancing patient care and the patient experience at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville. This new technology completely changes the way patients receive care at our Hospital and, it positively influences the way in which our staff and physicians deliver care. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

Smart Pumps Help Eliminate

Medication Errors


“SMART” Pumps greatly improve patient safety by helping medical practitioners eliminate the No. 1 cause of medical injuries; medication errors.

       Will you support Bowmanville Hospital Foundation by giving towards this desperately needed equipment to be purchased for our hospital?

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Led by an exceptional team of staff and our volunteer Board of Directors, Bowmanville Hospital Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that our hospital is well equipped to provide compassionate healthcare that is top-quality for everyone today and the years ahead.

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