Your support makes such a difference.

There are so many ways that you can support  the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation. Our success is the community’s success. Please read on to learn more and discover the most effective way that you would like to make a difference at your hospital.

How To Give

You can support your Foundation by:


Phone:  We would love the opportunity to talk with you. Call us at 905.623.3331 (x1881).


In Person:  It would be so nice to meet you personally.
Come by our Foundation Office, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.


Mail:  You can send a cheque to us at
Bowmanville Hospital Foundation

47 Liberty Street South, Bowmanville ON L1C 2N4


Online:  Prefer to give online? Make a one-time or monthly donation today.


Imagine the impact you could have by donating a monthly amount of say – the cost of a large pizza.

             Monthly giving is an easy, affordable and convenient way to give throughout the entire year. Just let us know the amount you wish to give each month, and your gift will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account or charged to your credit card monthly. When you receive your tax receipt at the end of the year you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much you have given your Foundation for your Hospital.

         Join our growing list of donors who are making a difference every month! Donate online using your credit card or mail us a void cheque along with the information necessary on the donation form complete with your name and address, including a note letting us know how much your monthly gift is and your preferred processing date.

         If you have any questions or need some direction please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-623-3331 x 1881.

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business partners, our hospital your business

If you wish to join our OUR HOSPITAL, MY BUSINESS program or for more information, contact: Andrea Russell, Chief Development Officer at 905-623-3331 x 1884 or email Andrea

Business Partners
(Our Hospital My Business Program)

When your company works in partnership with Bowmanville Hospital Foundation, you are not only making a smart business move but a socially responsible one too. Your employees and your customers will appreciate that you are committed to the health and well-being of your community and that you are giving back.

         Some examples of how your business and customers can support Bowmanville Hospital Foundation and Lakeridge Health Bowmanville are:


>  Percentage of proceeds

>  Paper icon at cash registers

>  A direct donation request to customers from cashier

>  Coin collection box at cash register

>  Host a special event

>  Have an idea – share your ideas with us and together we can develop a plan


Below is a list of some of our local businesses who have partnered with the Bowmanville Foundation and made Lakeridge Health Bowmanville their business.


Bev’s Flowers


Krown Rust Control, Bowmanville

Remembering, Honouring, Celebrating

Let others know you care.


These gifts go on to directly help Lakeridge Health Bowmanville patients while providing a lasting tribute to ones you care about.  You may designate your gift to a particular project or leave your gift undesignated so the Foundation can put it towards the hospital’s most urgent needs.


When words are not enough…

Giving in memory of a loved one is a very meaningful way to honour their life. Gifts “in memory” may pay tribute, offer condolences or preserve the memory of treasured family members and friends.

         The Bowmanville Hospital Foundation notifies the family of your gift as an expression of sympathy without mention of the amount.

         When donations in memory of a loved one reach $1,000, we work with the family to recognize their loved one on the Foundation’s remembrance wall in the main lobby of the hospital.


Giving a gift in honour of one of your caregivers – nurse, doctor, support staff or anyone on your health team – is a wonderful way to say Thank You for their care and compassion to you or your loved one.

         The Foundation will send a personalized card to the honoured caregiver(s) to let know that you have supported Lakeridge Health Bowmanville in their name. We never share the amount of your gift.


Celebration gifts to the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation in recognition of birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, retirement or any special occasion in life is a perfect way to mark a special milestone while helping others at the same time.

         The Foundation will send a letter to the person(s) being celebrated to inform them of your gift.

To make a Tribute gift, contact: Sandra Inacio, Executive Co-ordinator 905-623-3331 x 1881, email Sandra or use the donation form.

women in philanthropy, remembering a loved one

Women in Philanthropy

Our vision for this Giving Circle is to bring together a diverse group of women from every walk of life who, through their voices, influence and combined resources, will help to support and fortify areas of greatest need within Lakeridge Health Bowmanville.

        Join us and make a difference!


For more info, contact: Andrea Russell
905.623.3331 x 1884 or email
View the poster


Planned Giving

How will you be remembered?

Everyone wants to leave a legacy, something they will be remembered for. A planned or future gift, sometimes called a legacy gift is a gift from your estate. It is a special way to support Lakeridge Health Bowmanville, now and into the future. It does not require great wealth. Like everything else in life, it only requires great planning. It can make a difference!

          If you have decided to remember the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation in your estate plans, we encourage you to let us know. We very much appreciate the opportunity to say thank you and recognize your loyalty through our Legacy Society - J.W. Alexander Starlight Society. And if you wish to remain anonymous, we respect your wishes.

          We appreciate that the decision to leave a planned gift is a very personal commitment. We would never presume to offer financial or legal advice. It is important for you to discuss your plans with your family and your financial and legal advisors. They will help to ensure your gift fits your personal circumstances and that you maximize any tax advantages.

          Remembering the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation as part of your estate plan helps build a healthy future for our hospital and community.

          For more information or to request a copy of our J.W. Alexander Starlight Society, please contact Frank Cerisano by calling 905.623.3331 x 1882 or email Frank


In all cases, please be sure to use our legal name: The Memorial Hospital Foundation-Bowmanville.


Our Charitable Business Number: 11924 4903 RR0001

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Ways to plan your gift:


Gifts in Your Will - Bequests are the most common ways of leaving a legacy. You may outline in your Will the donation of a specific dollar amount, a residual amount or a specific percentage.


Gift of Life Insurance - Designating the Memorial Hospital Foundation-Bowmanville as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy can provide a substantial future gift for a relatively low annual cost. If you don’t wish to donate an existing policy, you can purchase a new one on behalf of the Foundation.


Gifts of Securities - Click here for details.


Other Gifts - Gifts of property - e.g. real estate; naming the Foundation as beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or pension; Charitable Remainder Trust; Charitable Gift Annuity.


Gifts of publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) to the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation is one of the most tax efficient ways you can give.

          This is because you will not have to pay capital gains tax. You also receive a charitable tax receipt based on the market value of the transferred securities, determined at the close of trading on the day we receive them. Our policy is to sell donated securities immediately upon receipt.

          To realize the tax benefit, you must not sell the securities. Simply contact Frank Cerisano at 905.623.3331 x 1882 or email Frank and she will help you through the process.

donation through securities

Host an Event

Have you ever thought you’d like to host an event in support of your Hospital?

Events come in as many shapes and sizes. You might consider a charity golf tournament, a dinner in your home, a dance, garage sale or kids – a lemonade stand.

         Whether your event is small or big, it’s not only a great way to give back, it also allows you to directly impact the quality of care our patients receive because you will help to make sure our caregivers have the tools they need.

         The Bowmanville Hospital Foundation appreciates everything you do on our behalf and we want you to know that we’re here to help you get your event off the ground to ensure success and of course to have a great time!

         To find out more please contact Andrea at 905.623.3331 x 1884 or email Andrea with your event idea.

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The gift of time is a priceless way of giving back to your community. We appreciate that our successes are possible thanks to the time, talent and expertise our volunteers so generously give.

        For more information about how you can help as a volunteer with the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation whether for an event or serving as a Foundation Board member, please call Frank at 905.623.3331 x 1882.

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